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Dressing like a grown-up

July 24, 2013

Don’t worry, all you people who wear any old thing to work. I’m not here to judge you but to explain my own lazy, irresponsible, unprofessional and antisocial behavior.

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Bloomin, on a sunday afternoon

July 12, 2013

I like the spring and summer flowers. It seems that there are more of them now than when I was growing up. That is probably because now I take the time to notice them and have learned their names. Read more…

My favorite pope.

March 15, 2013


I admire Pope Hadrian VII. You don’t remember him? Well, he was fictional. Sort of.

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My new favorite song

March 7, 2013

My new favorite song is “Reckless Heart” by Matt Hires.

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Men Are Idiots and other lessons learned from Super Bowl ads

February 5, 2013

idiots (men) surrender their dignity for the sake of a finger-staining snack chip.I like advertising to have a message. I want to know, Mr & Ms. Advertiser, why you bought that time for your product and what you want me to do about it.

Sunday night’s ad spectacular—with a really good football game in between episodes—was big on production values but low on motivating messages. Here’s what I learned about the advertisers, and advertising in general, from the Super Bowl ads.

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Miss Austen’s Guide to Life

January 18, 2013

Jane AustenI like Jane Austen because everything you need to know about life can be learned from her novels. If you follow the examples of her heroines and correct in yourself the faults of her villains you too can be a welcome companion, loyal friend and trusted confidante. Read more…

I can name that tune in 1 sphere

January 17, 2013

Ptolomy discovers the music of the spheresI’d like to take some courses. Music and astronomy. I started studying music (I had a year of theory and keyboard at Eastman) in order to be a more effective producer; I wanted to talk to composers in their language. Now I’d like to study for its own sake. My interest in astronomy is theological. Read more…

I just can’t help myself. Holiday edition.

November 30, 2012

bare trees

When i see a tree with lights wrapped around its trunk rather than hanging in its branches, it makes me think of this:


Femlin, by Leory Neiman. A tree with a lighted trunk is like a woman wearing only gloves and hose. Bare where you expect, covered where you don’t.

The best 3 hours, 51 minutes of my life.

October 8, 2012

My favorite movie is Lawrence of Arabia. I like it the best because it is gorgeous to look at and completely absorbing. The script is sharp, most of the performances are superb and there’s a magnificent score.

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I just can’t help myself.

June 30, 2012

I like the bizarre associations my mind makes.

This building, at the corner of Linwood and Utica, always makes me think of Barbra Streisand’s mother. Not the actual person Diana Kind, just the idea of her.  I think “this is the kind of building where the concept of Barbra Streisand’s mother might live.”